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Sorbite Humidity & Bacteria Control Filters

Polar Africa can offer a humidity and bacteria solution to enhance and underpin
HACCP cold storage protocols for any type of prepared and/or cooked fresh
foodstuff; fresh produce (fruit, veg and herbs); hanging meat; dry and wet-aged
meat; pastry, cakes and chocolate; fresh fish; flowers; etc.

Cold Rooms are NOT perfect storage facilities for storing food (even for a few hours). Why?


The humidity control dialogue is a relatively new discourse in the greater food science/environmental/manufacturing debate but a crucial one nonetheless. It requires far more attention and commitment than it is currently receiving from food, health and safety professionals as well as the manufacturing; warehousing; agricultural; and people and farm animal comfort communities at large.

Controlling humidity has huge positive economic spin-offs, from keeping people and farm animals healthy, happy and productive; through to ripening and de-greening post-harvest citrus produce faster with less crop weight losses; maintaining ideal climatic conditions in moisture-sensitive manufacturing industries; to food security via less food spoilage and longer shelf life; and finally, to less meat weight losses in the abattoir and retail butchery space.

Controlling humidity has not been the challenge nor the issue to date, but keeping air moist without excessive moisture and subsequent condensation at high RH levels, is where the humidification control specialists begin to sort the men from the boys!

Producing micro-water droplets that can evaporate into the air immediately upon release, at constant high relative humidity levels and where required in zero to sub-zero ambient temperatures, is what is required in most scenarios but an assignment very few humidification control devices/companies can deliver on; sensors failing at high RH levels; and producing moisture-laden air; and high on-going maintenance costs.

If you are experiencing excess humidity in a cold chain, or conversely excessively low levels, give us a call and let’s see if we can assist. With the high cost of fresh produce, no one can afford not to get the best available advice, to reduce perishable food spoilage; increase cold chain shelf life; and reduce hanging meat weight losses!

SORBITE - Nature’s Miracle Mineral

Sorbite has just got to be one of the most amazing natural minerals ever discovered and has to be one of the very few commercial products that is used as it is found –the mineral is simply mined by hand, crushed into smaller portions, packaged in a polypropylene bag, placed in an aluminium/plastic tray and installed in a cold chain on the ceiling!

Sorbite is 100% natural mineral; non-toxic; non-corrosive; environmentally friendly; cannot be set alight; is 100% recyclable; and is the only mineral that can absorb and desorb.
Sorbite acts as a ‘scrubber’ by filtering the air inside a cold chain removing 24/7:
✔ 82% of any airborne present in cold chain
✔ up to 79% of any ethylene gas present in fresh produce cold rooms
✔ 95% of any acetic acid present in meat cold rooms

SORBITE Nature¹s miracle mineral

As the air in a cold chain moves over the mineral any airborne bacteria, food spoilage gases and acetic acids in the air are absorbed and retained – simultaneously, if there is excess moisture in the air, such moisture will be absorbed and when conditions become too dry, the retained moisture is released.

Sorbite is the only natural product that can stabilise and thereafter maintain humidity 24/7, find evidence thereof below:

Proof that they absorb excess moisture…

Under bar fridge with Sorbite filters

Under bar fridge with Sorbite filters

Under bar fridge without Sorbite filters

Under bar fridge without Sorbite filters









Finally, Sorbite reduces cold room compressor energy consumption by between 12% and 20% as the ambient temperature in the cold room is lowered and cold storage stocks will be maintained in perfect condition for a least 12 hours in the event of a power outage and no back up generator is available (provided cold rooms doors are kept shut).

What effect does it have on:



Sorbite prevents hanging meat from dehydrating and losing blood thereby preventing meat weight losses by between 0,75% and 3%! You immediately know when a meat cold room has Sorbite filters installed – no, or very little sign of blood on the floor! But don’t take our word for it ask …Caroline McCann from Braeside Butchery as well as Albert Louw MD of Country Meats for their views ..


Dry/wet aging of meat

During the dry aging process meat tends to shrink and shrivel resulting in infinite weight losses – conversely during the wet-aging process meat purges large quantities of blood. Sorbite filters will significantly reduce meat weight losses and blood purge once installed in meat cold rooms.


Fresh produce

We only need one pic to prove this claim…
Celery Farm in Eastern Cape – Nov 2013 – celery on top in cold room with our filters for 8 days – one below in cold room for 8 days without our product

The same remarkable results are achieved in:
✔ fresh fish cold storage
✔ bakeries (no drying or cracking of cakes and icing thereon)
✔ dairy products (no more sour products, etc)
✔ general perishable cold rooms – extended shelf life right across the
✔ flower showcases
✔ laboratories (especially blood banks)
✔ Even cooked and prepared foods can be kept in cold storage in prime condition from far longer than the norm



Sorbite Filters and the Meat Industry

meat cold room

What sorbite filters accomplish in butchery cold rooms:

Removes Acetic Acid
Acetic acid, in the presence of excess moisture, causes sliminess on the surface of lamb, pork and to a lesser extent beef.

Stabilises Relative Humidity
Hot air entering the cold room (during busy work shifts) gives rise to excess moisture, which in turn wets the air in the cold room, which in turn wets the surface of hanging carcasses conversely when cold room doors are kept shut for hours, the evaporator fans dry out the cold room, and the hanging meat shrinks, shrivels and drips blood as a result of having to give up moisture.

Removes Airborne Bacteria
The presence of airborne bacteria in a meat cold room gives rise to mould, yeast and bacterial growth on the walls and ceiling of the cold rooms, as well as on the surface of hanging carcasses. The airborne bacteria is also responsible for the discolouration of the exposed meat surfaces (meat turns dark red colour).

Neutralises Vapour Pressure
When humidity levels (RH) in a cold room fluctuate between periods of excess moisture and periods of dryness (see explanation above), then vapour pressure is created. Vapour pressure in turn exerts a ‘push’ effect when moisture levels are too high and a ‘pull’ effect when conditions become too dry. This results in blood purging from wet-aged meat packaging. As sorbite filters stabilise the RH, the vapour pressure is neutralised and blood purge is greatly reduced.

Results of meat weight loss trials conducted during november and december 2014 at leading chain of butcheries.

combined weight losses recorded at two butcheries in the Johannesburg area.

Results of Meat Weight Loss Trials - 1 Results of Meat Weight Loss Trials - 2 Results of Meat Weight Loss Trials - 3 Results of Meat Weight Loss Trials - 4 Results of Meat Weight Loss Trials - 5 Results of Meat Weight Loss Trials - 6


These weights were taken and recorded by the managers of the two butcheries 6 Polar Africa personnel were not present during either the delivery or any of the subsequent weighing sessions.

Average weight losses

Meat weight loss trials in Tshwane combined stats for 20 butcheries during 2013

Meat weight loss trials in Tshwane combined stats for 20 butcheries during 2013

The national average meat weight loss savings:
Hind Quarter between 1% and 1,45%
Forequarter between 1% and 1,27%
Whole lamb between 1,62% and 2,12%
Whole pork between 1,5% and 2,5%

Cold room relative humidity & ambient temperature readings at a franchise butchery – 22 April to 20 May 2013 the above.

Cold room relative humidity & ambient temperature - 1 Cold room relative humidity & ambient temperature - 2

The above graphs show how the cold room improved in terms of humidity and ambient temperature during the trial and the last reading shows how the cold room returned to its previous condition when the filters were removed. Since the filters had been permanently installed in June 2014, the cold room has remained within the 78% to 90% and below 4°C, viz. every quarter since installation the following are the readings: Sept 2014 RH 79% + 3°C; Dec RH 82% + 2,5°C

How Do Sorbite Humidity & Bacteria Control Filters Work?

How do sorbite humidity & bacteria control filters work

How Are The Filters Installed In A Meat Cold Room?

How are the filters installed in a meat cold room Capture

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Evaporative Cooling (Patio Misting, HVAC Systems, Etc.)

Polar Africa can offer an evaporative cooling solution (misting) for virtually any open
patio/terrace, enclosed room inside building and/or open-air entertainment area.
Systems are also available for cooling down animals in confined spaces (pigs, dairy
cows, chickens, etc); controlling dust emissions; controlling odour nuisances; etc.






HVAC and refrigerator/chiller units can be up to 15% less efficient and draw up to 30% more energy when the immediate intake air temperature is too high.

By cooling down the intake air the units will perform far more efficiently and use less electricity.

By way of example a drop in air intake temperature of 6ºC could reduce energy consumption by up to 15% conversely a drop of 12ºC could attain up to 30% less electricity consumption!

The foregoing can be achieved by installing a quality-ladened misting system that produces dry fog mist which in turn reduces the air in the immediate vicinity.

Adiabatic cooing comes about when the water vapour (produced under high pressure by a misting pump/high pressure misting line/quality 0,15mm nozzles) is converted into a gaseous state.

The latter conversion requires energy which is always available in the form of heat. Once the heat is removed from the immediate area the ambient air temperature will drop.

The more efficient the adiabatic capability of the misting system the higher the drop in ambient temperature.

See our latest installation below:


Humidification (Wine Cellars, Packhouses, Cold Storage, Warehouses, Paper Mills, Etc)

Polar Africa can offer a humidification system to stabilize relative humidity to any
desired percentage in any location (cold room, warehouse, degreening chamber,
pack house, abattoir chiller, timber storage, printing rooms, tobacco rooms, etc).




Limiting Wine Barrel Evaporative Losses in Wine Cellars



Supermarket Night Blinds

Polar Africa offers quality-laden refrigerator display case, wrap-around case and
freezer cabinet night blinds imported direct from UK (where the blinds are
manufactured – not outsourced to third country).


Polar Africa is the southern Africa distributor of supermarket night blinds for one of the UK’s top brands, Thermasolutions, who have their night blinds installed in Tesco, Waitrose, Spar, Wall Mart, Marks & Spencers, Esso, Carrefour, Wholefoods, Coles, Sainsbury’s, Makro and Costco.

The night blinds are manufactured in the UK (has not been outsourced to another country) and is the only blind in the local market that has been stress-tested by an independent testing authority in the UK – a number of blinds were mechanically opened and closed, without interruption, 3 650 times – the equivalent of 10 years of continued usage with no damage to the blind material or roll up mechanism.

The blind material used has the capability of reducing energy consumption on upright display fridges by up to 20%, freezer counters and isle cases by up to 30%. Should all the cases in a large supermarket be installed with our night blinds, total monthly electricity bills could be reduced by between 12% and 15% per month – making a return on investment possible between 8 and 12 months post blind installation!

Thermasolutions is also the only UL94 certified blind manufacturer in the world!

Find below some local installations:

We guarantee the lowest installed price for slow rise aluminium-backed material night blinds in major metropolitan areas of South Africa

Use 20% to 30% less electricity per display case when U have our night blinds installed! Get 2 to 4 days longer shelf life on dairy products and fresh produce on display!

Definitive proof that our night blinds can reduce a store’s TOTAL monthly electricity bill by between 10% and15% a 5 month comparative electricity consumption evaluation at a leading supermarket in the Western Cape demonstrated that savings of up to15% PER MONTH are possible! Get your return on investment back in 8 to 12 months post night blind installation


Thinking of replacing your display cases one of these days? Our night blinds can be installed in your current cases and moved to the new cases with ease – simply order your new cases without night blinds and have us move our night blinds from one to the other!

The only slow rise night blind in the industry that has undergone an independent stress test that proves that our blinds have the potential to last 10 or more years!


International Certifications and Marks

Endurance Test

Our blind survived the equivalent of 10 years of continuous usage by an independent standards body in the UK – I am not aware of any other blind in this country (imported or locally manufactured) having the same accreditation but stand to be corrected if wrong.


Validating that the blinds meet the eco-design directive and product safety standards set by the EC.
Complies with the design, supply and installation of energy saving night blinds for refrigeration.
Authorized to bear the mark by way of official certification.
Complies with all of the requirements of the mark
Energy saving potential of night blinds has been verified
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