Take just 5 minutes out of your very busy schedule and study the 7 golden rules of refrigeration below and start to make money on your fridges instead of losing money (which you are probably not even aware of):

1. the temperature gauge outside your cold room usually only measures the cold air coming off the evaporator fans – have a look inside your cold room and you will see that the probe of the gauge is 99% of the time situated near the ceiling or even attached to the evaporator fan! – the temperature you should be concerned about is that nearer the floor and behind the evaporator fan housing as that is the “hottest” air inside a cold room – that is why core temperatures will be higher than what your temperature gauge is showing.

2. fruit and vegetables produce ethylene gas, which is a growth hormone in the soil but turns into a food spoilage gas in cold rooms by hastening the ripening process thereby shortening shelf-life by up to 50%!

3. frequent opening of cold room doors creates excess moisture which on the one hand, generates latent heat which increases ambient and core temperatures and on the other hand, promotes bacterial growth in cold rooms, both which cause food spoilage

4. conversely when cold room doors are kept shut (after work shifts) the evaporator fans dry out the internal air and that is why hanging meat shrinks, dries out and drips blood; fruit and vegetables shrink and go limp; lettuce and spinach leaves go dark green and shrivel

5. spores, moulds and yeasts enter a cold room via suppliers’ packaged goods (and shoes of people entering a cold room) – they attached themselves to the water molecules in the air and that is how cross-contamination arises, and together with the food spoilage gas, typical cold room odours arise

6. the foregoing costs you money as your cold room/s, under bar and display fridges cannot maintain your fresh and prepared food in prime quality  – how do you currently combat the foregoing, by having so-called “fresh” deliveries every day ???- what a waste of time and energy!!

7. only one intervention can redress ALL of the foregoing deficiencies and that is Polar Africa humidity and bacteria control filters – install them now and start to make money on your cold rooms, under bar and display fridges!!