Cold chain myth exposed!

Were a survey to be conducted on the 3 most important appliances required on a food preparation premises what would the ranking look like?

To my mind, but perhaps I am biased, is that the cold chain should surely enjoy the highest placement. Why?

Well …. apart from holding fresh, prepared and cooked food/perishables in a safe and hygienic condition (providing the refrigeration units are in good working order and spotlessly clean), food spoilage and eventual wastage is reduced.

Well so the myth goes ….. but is it true?

Afraid not …… cold rooms (or coolers/chillers), under bar and display fridges, whether brand new of old, cannot:

remove food spoilage gases (ethylene gas, pectin gas, etc.)

remove air-borne bacteria

remove acetic acid (in dedicated meat cold rooms)

stabilise relative humidity (thereby neutralising vapour pressure)

re-hydrate internal air when conditions become too dry

The net cumulative effect of the foregoing deficiencies is loss of food and perishable stocks as food quality, spoilage and wastage is difficult to contain. Is there a solution that pays for itself that can solve the foregoing?

You’ll find the only solution elsewhere on this very web page!