Sorbite … going international very soon ….

We are pleased to advise that Polar Africa has entered into a distribution agreement, with its USA supplier, to make Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters (or panels) available to anyone in any country (outside of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) to run a non-franchised business for their own account – no royalty fees, no franchise fees, no marketing fees … your hard-earned money goes straight into your pocket …. with a return on investment of less than 12 months on the cards (if you do the hard yards)!

Not only will the mineral be made available, but a comprehensive interactive internet-based training programme to set up a successful business, will have to be completed before you can order any stock ; thereafter a 24/7 technical support will be on hand; and an international network of Polar Africa entrepreneurs will be available to share successful and unsuccessful trials.

So if you interested in starting a home-based, low entry cost, small to medium business then drop us an email ( expressing your interest and telling us something about yourself and why you think you would make a successful entrepreneur!