Humidity Control

The humidity control dialogue is a relatively new discourse in the greater food science/environmental/manufacturing debate but a crucial one nonetheless. It requires far more attention and commitment than it is currently receiving from food, health and safety professionals as well as the manufacturing; warehousing; agricultural; and people and farm animal comfort communities at large.

Controlling humidity has huge positive economic spin-offs, from keeping people and farm animals healthy, happy and productive; through to ripening and de-greening post-harvest citrus produce faster with less crop weight losses; maintaining ideal climatic conditions in moisture-sensitive manufacturing industries; to food security via less food spoilage and longer shelf life; and finally, to less meat weight losses in the abattoir and retail butchery space.

Controlling humidity has not been the challenge nor the issue to date, but keeping air moist without excessive moisture and subsequent condensation at high RH levels, is where the humidification control specialists begin to sort the men from the boys!

Producing micro-water droplets that can evaporate into the air immediately upon release, at constant high relative humidity levels and where required in zero to sub-zero ambient temperatures, is what is required in most scenarios but an assignment very few humidification control devices/companies can deliver on; sensors failing at high RH levels; producing moisture-laden air; and high on-going maintenance costs.

Polar Africa has over the past 8 years ably demonstrated that it can naturally control humidity with its 100% natural mineral Sorbite, which mineral also removes ethylene gas, acetic acid and air-borne bacteria, in commercial food perishable chillers (walk-in cold rooms). Polar Africa’s clients experience a 50% and longer shelf life in the case of fresh, prepared and even cooked food produce; fruit, vegetable and herbs; pastry; dairy products; fresh fish; and even flowers! Hanging meat weight losses in dedicated meat chillers have also been reduced by between 30% and 60%!

Polar Africa right now probably offers the most comprehensive array of dry fog/misting/humidification and de-humidification systems – with low and high pressure options available – (for conference/wedding centres, hotels, parks, holiday resorts, shopping centres, offices, manufacturing, industrial, printing, industrial paint spraying sectors, sporting stadia, poultry/milking shed/horse racing stables/piggeries, restaurants, theatres, food production plants, packing houses, fruit ripening chambers, supermarkets, fresh produce cold chain, butcheries and even CA rooms!) in the country and beyond (SADEC). To top it all, all of the foregoing applications can be monitored wirelessly via sensors that will let you know, via sms and email, as soon as you have a problem – saving you time, money with no downtime!

It may be sound like a cliché, but by optimally making use of the full range of Polar Africa’s integrated (custom and standard built) humidification/humidity/ripening/degreening/bacteria control solutions you could just be getting all of these benefits at no cost as their investment will be recovered many times over in a short space of time!