Dry Fog System

OPTIGUIDE controls the thin blue line between humidity and wetness.

IN THE BEGINNING, there was refrigeration for agricultural storage; then came CA systems; now Controlled High Humidity is the critical new dimension for modern cold storage of fresh produce. Optiguide has the tools to lead in this new frontier. High humidity is extending storage time, extending shelf life, reducing losses, improving quality, and making sea transport possible as never before.

At Optiguide, they believe that in the next decade humidity control will become as basic to post-harvest storage and food processing as cooling is today.

What makes Optiguide unique? Optiguide is the only company that can offer customers a complete Controlled Humidity Solution, combining their know-how in field applications with true “dry fog” humidity and reliable, accurate control.

Whatever your humidity needs, Optiguide has the solution.

Optiguide’s products have features that are not available on other systems: their  patented Tabor™atomizer supplies “dry fog” micro-droplets through a large non-clogging orifice. Whilst their OptiSense Humidistat uses proprietary fiber-optic technology to control humidity in the highest range from 90% to 99% RH, where other RH meters become saturated and fail in the field.


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