Misting, humidification, dry fogging, Sorbite and more …..

Polar Africa commenced trading in 2008 and over the past 6 years the company has grown from strength to strength by renting out 100% natural Sorbite mineral humidity and bacteria control filters to the food industry at large, which filters eliminate typical cold room odours plus they substantially reduce and even eliminate food spoilage in cold storage.

The filters stabilise humidity; neutralise vapour pressure; remove food spoilage gases, air borne bacteria and acetic acid from cold chains increasing perishable shelf life for far longer than the norm. In the case of dedicated meat cold rooms, meat weight losses can be reduced by between 40% and 60%, depending on type, grade and quality of meat.

The filters enhance and underpin all HACCP/ISO programmes by ensuring that a cold chain (whether brand new or very old) becomes a perfect storage facility for all manner of perishables, e.g. dairy products, fruit, vegetables, herbs, cakes, pastry, fish, meat and even flowers!

Polar Africa recently extended its range of humidity control solutions onto the supermarket retail floor with the introduction of the highly acclaimed Prodew range of humidification, misting and night cover products. Prodew, is the largest supplier of these products in the supermarket space in the USA, and is the only supplier of FogMist™, which prevents meat, fresh fish, cheese and deli on display from drying out in display cabinets – does not wet the air or produce on display!

Polar Africa also offers the agricultural community , wholesale fresh produce suppliers, food processing plants the equally highly acclaimed Optiguide dry fogging system which does not wet the air or produce thereby preventing fresh produce and perishables from losing weight and drying out in pack houses, industrial cold rooms and distribution centres. Optiguide also offers a complete fruit ripening/degreening automated system which controls ethylene gas provision and CO2 extraction whilst maintaining humidity levels in the 90% to 95% range.