Hanging meat weight loss reduction results ….

A recent hanging meat weight loss trial conducted at a leading butchery in Johannesburg (South Africa) produced the following remarkable savings iro beef hindquarters and lamb.

Four hind quarters and two lambs were weighed upon delivery from an abattoir and subsequently re-weighed each day for a further 4 days. The percentage weight loss recorded over the 4 day hanging period for the hindquarters was 1.91% and the lambs 2.66%.

Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters were then installed in the meat cold room and a week later a second round of weights, following the same trial protocol described above, was conducted. The percentage weight losses recorded for hindquarters was 0.70% and 1.21% for the lambs. A net saving of 1.21% was recorded on the hindquarters and 1.45% on the lambs.

According to the butchers the quality of the meat, post filter installation, was far superior in that it had not dried out (as would be the case over 4 days in cold storage) and trimming was almost non-existent. The cold room was also much colder (nearer the floor) and typical cold odours had disappeared!

How was this accomplished?

Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters have ably demonstrated over the past 6 years that they remove acetic acid and airborne bacteria; stabilise  relative humidity; and reduce ambient temperatures inside meat cold rooms/chains.  The latter improvements cumulatively procure a much improved cold storage facility leading to significant meat weight loss reductions and bottom line increases (after the monthly service fees of the filters had been taken into account).





For further information go to http://polarafrica.co.za/sorbite-filters#.VLoF5GSUdXY