Sorbite Filters and the Meat Trade.

Hugely impressive hanging meat weight losses were recently recorded in a leading chain of butcheries during November and December 2014 – between 60% and up to 90% on this particular consignment!

Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters removed air borne bacteria and acetic acid from the dedicated meat cold chain chamber, thereby preventing slime build-up on surface of exposed meat.

The filters also stabilised the relative humidity  thereby preventing the internal air from being either too moist (during peak work shifts) or too dry (when cold room doors are ket shut for hours post- work shift) thereby preventing the hanging (and dry aged) meat from shrinking, shrivelling and dripping blood.

The vapour was also neutralised as a result of the stable humidity and blood purge in primals and wet aged meat was virtually non-existent.

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