Night blinds – can they save u money?

Well if you took a short-cut and bought one of those see-through plastic ‘jobs’ you saved money in the short term but in the long run ….. ??


In the UK extensive studies have demonstrated that open refrigerated display cabinets and counters can consume as much as 60% of the total energy bill of a supermarket.

Of course you need to display your perishable fresh produce ….after closing hours as well when you have no customers walking through the aisles? 

That is when you should literally be shutting shop – both the front and back door as well as the ‘open’ fridges on the floor! 

By installing proper night blinds you can save between 20% and 30% of your open refrigerator cabinet and counter energy consumption costs. Which in turn means that you can reduce your total electricity bill by between 10% and 18%!

So what are ‘proper’ night blinds?

Thank you for asking ….. they should be constructed from the finest fabric and material that you can buy …. go to za for free, sound and professional advice!