Showcase displays – making or losing money?

What better way to display your fresh produce like delicatessens; sea foods; cheese; fresh fish, meat and chicken than in a refrigerated show case display cabinet …. well that is until your supermarket customers start to grimace when they have to decide between buying a ‘dried out’ piece of cold meat or walking out!

Whilst packaging of perishables has come along way in terms of presentation it still does not beat a nice “fresh” looking T-bone steak on display in a glass cabinet! 

The problem with display showcases is that the produce on display tends to dehydrate, losing colour, weight and even shape (by way of shrinkage) …. how does one solve this dilemma?

Thanks for asking  ….. humidification is the only way to go …. unlike misting, humidification of refrigerated showcases will keep the internal atmosphere moist without wetting the air or the produce on display. Fresh produce on display will keep fresh for far longer, leading to a longer shelf life and an even longer queues of customers coming back for more!

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Showase Humidification