Latest Supermarket Night Blinds to hit South Africa

Polar Africa has just installed one of Europe’s top selling range of supermarket refrigerator night blinds to all of the open display cabinets in Steves Blackheath Superspar, c/o Beyers Naude and Mountain View Road, Randburg (near Cresta Shopping Centre).

Similar blinds can be found at Tesco, Wall Mart, Marks & Spencers, Esso, Carrefour, Wholefoods, Coles, Sainsbury’s, Makro and Costco.

Each cabinet will procure an energy consumption saving of between 20% and 30% and depending on the number of open display cabinets in a store, a monthly saving of between 5% and 18% can be expected on a store’s TOTAL electricity bill. The blinds therefore pay for themselves in a matter of months instead of years as is the case with most energy saving devices!

What makes these blinds different to anything else on the local market is that they have a slow rise mechanism, comply with all relevant international certifications, comprise the correct blind material, viz,  a low emissivity aluminised, Polyethylene, Polyester & HDPE cross weave fabric – silver one side, grey/black the other side – LT Alu Pet fabric – 77026928 Perforated 1600 & 2120, which procures the aforementioned energy savings (not plastic or imitation blind material); and finished off with the highest quality plastic components (including handles) as well as top-end aluminium cassettes (were required).


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