Benefits of pre-cooling HVAC systems

There are decided benefits to pre-cooling the air intake on air cooled HVAC (air conditioning) units. On hot Summer days the cooling capacity of HVAC units can reduce by between 14 to 15% and energy consumption can increase by as much as 31%!

By pre-cooling the intake air, with our acclaimed water fogging system, the efficiency of HVAC’s can improve by between 14% (where a 6ºc drop in temperature is achieved) through to 30% (where a 12ºC drop in temperature is achieved) – resulting in a jaw dropping energy saving level of up to 30%

In hot humid regions there will still be a HVAC efficiency improvement and consequent energy saving but same will be less and in direct relation to humidity levels and peak day light temperatures – STILL BETTER THAN HAVING NOTHING?


All that is required is the correct high pressure fogging system backed up by the leading brand that Europe has to offer … for more information and a clue to which is the best system around pay an overdue visit to view our 39 year old Italian Job in action!