Polar Africa : Corporate & Product Profile

Polar Africa was founded in 2007 (under a different name) to market and install Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters in the cold chains of the wider food industry.

The primary purpose of the filters is to remove air borne bacteria, remove food spoilage gases and to stabilise relative humidity in (mainly) walk-in cold rooms, thereby enhancing and under pinning existing HACCP/ISO cold chain protocols.

Benefits of filters:

  • Extended shelf life of all fresh produce in cold storage/display fridges
  • Substantially less blood losses in hanging carcasses – up to 70% less weight losses + the far less blood purge in vacuum/Cryovac packaging
  • Between 15% and 20% less compressor energy consumption as cold rooms run colder with filters installed

In 2015 the company introduced two new products to further enhance the preservation of fresh produce in storage and open display, viz one of the top selling slow rise night-blind brands in the UK and Europe as well as the top selling high-pressure fog misting/humidification system in Europe.

Benefits of the night blinds:

  • Reduce energy consumption by between 15% and 30% per installed refrigerator case/freezer counter and between 5% and 18% of total monthly energy bill (depending on how many open cases/counters are present on the retail floor)
  • Extends shelf life of all perishables on display by making refrigerator cases more efficient post-trading hours
  • Blinds were subjected to an endurance test which demonstrated that they should last well beyond 10 years
  • All types of display cases and fresh/freezer counters can be installed with our night blinds and return on investment is in matter of months and not years!

Benefits of fog misting & humidification: 

  • By having our top branded high pressure fog misting system installed above open non-refrigerated and refrigerated cases, fresh produce/flowers on display will not dehydrate and will last far longer than the norm
  • Our top selling high pressure humidification system will prevent fresh meat, chicken, fish and delicatessen, on display in refrigerated showcases, from dehydrating and losing colour and texture
  • By pre-cooling the intake air of HVAC systems energy consumption can be reduced by between 14% and 30%

Polar Africa has the range of products and solutions to take your cold chain HACCP/ISO protocols to the next level – often at no additional cost to your bottom line! 

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