Supermarket display fridge night blinds – 8 month update

Eight months ago Polar Africa mounted 65 Thermasolutions cassette night blinds onto 9 upright display fridges and 1 display meat counter in Steves Blackheath SuperSpar. An inspection of them today, 13 March 2016, revealed the following interesting facts:

  • Each one of the 65 night blind’s slow rise mechanism is in perfect working condition – opening and closing with minimum effort…

2016-03-13 09.39.37

  • None of the blind material displayed any signs of tearing, shredding, fraying or presence of any wear and tear at all ……

2016-03-13 09.40.13-1

  • All 65 handles, bottom rails and anchors (mounted to the case to secure the blinds when closed) were also in perfect condition ….

2016-03-13 09.40.22       2016-03-13 09.40.30

Each one of these pictures could have been repeated 65 times as not a single individual night blind displayed any sign of an 8 month usage ….. that’s what you get when you invest in a world-class product … don’t believe, well pay this SuperSpar in Randburg a visit and then give us a call for a quotation!