Supermarket Night blinds: Why buy when u can rent (and possibly for free)?


In these uncertain times of ever increasing electricity input costs, coupled with looming rocketing food prices, the prudent supermarket retailer has to consider all available options to contain energy costs and reducing refrigerated fresh food spoilage on the retail floor …..  and both at the same time (if possible).

Monthly electricity bills can easily be reduced by between 5% and 10% by installing quality night blinds that have proven energy reducing blind material coupled with proven longevity. The actual percentage saving will vary from one store to another but there is no reason why a minimum of 3% cannot be achieved post night blind installation, even in the most energy efficient store!

Overnight supermarket packaged food spoilage (packaged meat discolouring and fresh produce losing moisture and texture) can simultaneously be substantially reduced, even eliminated, when display fridges and counters are ‘closed’ during non-trading hours.

Up and until recently, the only option available to retailers is/was to pay upfront for night blind installation (either pre-installed in new cases or as a retrofitted item) as a capex item depreciating same over a fixed term.

That is all about to change as Polar Africa and Revfin (an asset rental specialist company) are proud to announce a South Africa first in the night blind industry, in that a rental option is now available to secure Polar Africa’s world-class night blinds, and provided all the refrigerator cases in a store are installed simultaneously, the rental amount could very possibly be covered and even exceeded by the savings in reduced electricity bills and far less food spoilage on display.

Finally, a further benefit is that a rental option creates an ongoing tax deductible operating expense (including claiming the VAT as an input tax).

If there ever there was a ‘no-brainer’ business decision to be contemplated this offer has just got to be up there with the best ever proffered!