Fog Misting = happy patrons = more money in the till!

As we enter the hot humid Summer months, in southern Africa, you are  looking forward to patrons frequenting your restaurant/hotel/sports pub/coffee shop and tucking into your menus, spending their hard-earned money, in the company of friends, family and/or business colleagues.

Menus have been jacked up; service levels have been coached to perfection; a new coat of paint, new furniture and new decor give a welcome ‘feel at home’ ambiance …. but will your patrons keep on returning, and more importantly, entice others to visit your establishment? 

One way to make sure that they do is to ensure that they are comfortable on your premises  during their temporary (but important) sojourn …. but ceiling fans don’t work; neither does misting as it wets your patrons; and air conditioning is far too expensive????

True …. but then you NOW have Polar Africa offering you Europe’s leading fog misting solutions for patios … fog misting systems that do not wet the air, and even less your patron’s hair, food and paperwork/laptops while they furiously work away earning a living on your wi-fi enabled tables!!  

Fixed non-drip fog misting lines (with 15 cm copper nozzle extensions) and/or static (or mobile stand alone) oscillating industrial-quality fog fan misters, driven by the market’s most water-wise high pressure fog misting pump (70 bar – 2 year warranty .. anti-microbial cartridge removing any pathogenic organisms as small as 0,005 micron … recycling drained water) are available to cool down your patio and patrons … without wetting them or making them ill – never knew that misting systems could do that, did you, until now?

   Restaurant3             Restaurant4              Restaurant

Good equipment is never cheap, conversely, cheap equipment is never good!