Mist up your life!!

Summer is just around the corner in Southern Africa and before you know it you will be “hot under the collar”. Why?

Not because you lost it again … but very likely that you live, work and play in an ever increasing humid region of the country. So what can you do about it?

Move …. to where? Climate change is everywhere just ask uncle Al Gore.

Stay …. but make your life more comfortable! Good thinking but how? 

Air conditioning is an option but that will only solve your problem inside .. what about outside on your patio, stoep or even under you lapa … (and of course, your restaurant and/or hotel covered but open patio)? Got you!

Get yourself one of those cheap DIY misting jobs at the local hardware store? They work don’t they? They do ‘work’ if you are satisfied with just wetting the air and yourself in the process?

If you are however looking for a world-class evaporative system manufactured in Italy (the home of Ferrari) that does not wet the air; nozzles that don’t drip; lowers ambient temperature by up to 12°C (and even 4°C in high-humidity areas); and has the most water-wise 70 bar pumps in the business then look no further than what is on offer on our product dashboard!

Moral of the misting story is then … go with the best and remember “cheap equipment is never any good and good equipment is never cheap“!