Polar Africa – very much alive and growing after 11 years in the making!

Mark Twain upon hearing that he had passed on issued his now time-honoured infamous quote “the reports of my death are grossly exaggerated!”.

Very much the same in the case of Polar Africa as well, despite the best endeavours of a previous business associate of ours who is allegedly informing our clients that we have either closed down or are about to do so.

We have done the obvious and threatened legal recourse should the previous business associate (and his company) not cease, with immediate effect, from spreading such malicious and false rumours.

Finally, we wish to thank our loyal clients in the Pretoria/Tshwane region for remaining with Polar Africa over the past few years notwithstanding being approached by the very same ex-business associate, on a number of occasions, to switch their business from Polar Africa to his.

Service excellence; highest HACCP standards being practised; and extended qualitative cold chain shelf-life (across the board) were the primary drivers for remaining loyal, we were told by the majority of our clientele.