Obvious answer would be YES …. but how?

Polar Africa (established in 2007) can assist in three specific areas where most businesses operating in the supermarket, restaurant, butchery, hotel, fresh fruit & veg, bakery and perishable distribution centres usually experience losses.

Polar Africa also has the wherewithal, experience, specialised skills and unique products to underpin and enhance any cold chain HACCP Protocol and/or health and safety cold chain programme.

Fresh Produce/Bakery/Butchery Cold Chain Storage

Polar Africa’s Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters (comprising a 100% natural mineral) bring about a substantial improvement in cold chains by absorbing and removing airborne bacteria, food spoilage gases and acetic acid (in meat cold rooms); as well as stabilising fluctuating humidity levels and neutralising internal vapour pressures.

Immediate benefit is a 2 to 7 day longer qualitative shelf life of all perishable produce and bakery products in cold storage (depending on type and quality).

The immediate benefit in meat cold rooms is a 1% to 3% reduction in hanging meat weight losses; up to 70% less blood purge in primal packaging; with no sliminess appearing on hanging carcases.

Cold rooms run far colder – internal air is crisper and free of typical cold room odours (brought about by excess moisture and airborne bacteria/acetic acid).

Reducing Energy Consumption

By installing Polar Africa’s quality night blinds onto refrigerator display cases and cabinet freezers, on the supermarket/butchery trading floor, electricity savings of between 20% and 30% per case can be expected and if all the cases/freezers in a typical supermarket are fitted, then between 10% and 14% of the total monthly electricity bill can be saved, adding such savings to the bottom line.

A 2 to 4 day longer shelf life on most fresh produce and fresh packaged meat can also be expected.

Polar Africa guarantees the lowest installed price for aluminium-backed material night blinds in the market place!

Restaurant Misting Systems

Chill out your patrons (without wetting them or their food) on your open patio seating by having Polar Africa install Europe’s leading misting brand with guaranteed lowest water consumption (70% less than traditional misting pumps); and nozzles that do not drip nor WET THE AIR.

Humidification/Fogging Systems

Supermarket delivery/receiving zones can be kept cool during hot (even humid) Summer months thereby maintaining the cold chain during perishable food deliveries.

Warehouses can be humidified to lower ambient temperatures without wetting the dry goods in storage.

By pre-cooling the intake air of HVAC units by way of a dry-fogging system, condenser air temperatures can be reduced by between 6ºC and 12ºC, resulting in a potential HVAC electricity consumption saving of between 14% and 30% for shopping centres and large buildings!