Misting and Productivity

There is no doubt that when the human body is exposed to high ambient temperatures and/or humidity levels the ability to work productively is hampered and even harmful should one become dehydrated.

With climate change dictating irregular weather patterns we are experiencing ever increasing day time temperatures for longer periods during the year (in southern Africa) than in the past which has a negative impact on productivity in the workplace.

Office-bound staff are usually well treated in this regard in that their offices are usually air conditioned and really cool places to work in.

Correspondingly, very few companies that employ workshop-bound technical personnel (motor dealer workshops, manufacturing sector, etc) take the trouble to ‘cool down’ their labour intensive operatives on the production floor. Could be that they view air conditioning as the only option to cool down such work areas but which technology does not lend itself to a solution as there are usually open workshop doors and the like to contend with?

The only practical, viable, cost effective technology one can employ to cool down hot and humid workshop-type environments is that of evaporative cooling but not just any old misting system that pours water vapour into the air adding to the already high unbearable humidity levels.

Evaporative cooling technology out of Europe has developed optimum solutions for such scenarios with state-of-the art oscillating industrial fans (fitted with non-drip atomisers) moving chilled air in the direction of work activity; tangential fans which are utilised to chill defined areas within a large work area; and overhead 360º atomiser jets which cover large expanses of workshop floor area.

Invest in the best and increase productivity where it matters the most – on the production floor!

Go to https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/#evap for further insight into adiabatic principals.