Night Blinds

Why Polar Africa’s brand should be your only choice!

  1. only night blind in the industry to have been tested by an independent assessor demonstrating a potential 10 year longevity
  2. only night blind in the industry which can be adjusted to control return speed of spring-loaded roller
  3. has demonstrated among all the leading supermarkets in the UK an energy saving of between 20% and 30% per case depending on type of refrigerator case
  4. our own RSA energy tests have demonstrated total monthly energy savings of between 10% and 14% per supermarket where all the cases have been fitted with our blinds
  5. quality non-woven aluminium backed night blind material – perforated to prevent condensation build-up when closed
  6. the only local blind that can be installed on wrap-around display cases with colour-coded aluminium lid option available to match colour of display case
  7. our Spar and Roots’ butchery clients advise that after our blinds had been installed they are experiencing a 2 to 4 day increase in shelf-life
  8. despite Polar Africa being the only importer of night blinds paying a SARS import duty of 18% (whereas the other importers of night blinds should be paying 30% as their product is imported from a non-EU country – but don’t) we still guarantee the lowest installed price per linear meter that any other supplier/installer in the industry