Pre-cooling Intake Air of Refrigerator/Chiller Units

HVAC and refrigerator/chiller units can be up to 15% less efficient and draw up to 30% more energy when the immediate intake air temperature is too high.

By cooling down the intake air the units will perform far more efficiently and use less electricity.

By way of example a drop in air intake temperature of 6ºC could reduce energy consumption by up to 15% conversely a drop of 12ºC could attain up to 30% less electricity consumption!

The foregoing can be achieved by installing a quality-ladened misting system that produces dry fog mist which in turn reduces the air in the immediate vicinity.

Adiabatic cooing comes about when the water vapour (produced under high pressure by a misting pump/high pressure misting line/quality 0,15mm nozzles) is converted into a gaseous state.

The latter conversion requires energy which is always available in the form of heat. Once the heat is removed from the immediate area the ambient air temperature will drop.

The more efficient the adiabatic capability of the misting system the higher the drop in ambient temperature.

See our latest installation below: