Misting System – simply (one of) the best in RSA!

Polar Africa recently installed a 5-star quality patio misting system on the terrace of the Oyster Box Hotel, Umhlanga.

The system has a number of distinct advantages in that:

  • it runs at 900rpm versus 1 450rpm of traditional misting pumps
  • making it the quietest in the market at 50db’s versus 60/65db’s of the rest
  • also making it the most energy efficient in the industry
  • uses 70% less water than traditional pumps as it does not utilise a dump-valve, but recycles water, during non-misting sessions to de-pressurise misting lines
  • pump has a solid brass head which comes with a 10-year guarantee with a 2-year guarantee on the rest of the pump
  • nozzles are world-class and will not wet the air, floor, plated food and/or patrons/guests
  • nozzle swivels direct dry mist where you need it
  • stainless steel misting and/or food-safe quality nylon tubing options/combinations
  • remote controlled for ease of switching on/off
  • oh! …by the way, it is also the best looking pump in the business, so much so, that we do not dare ‘cover’ it!

Made in Italy for the ‘discerning few who appreciated quality above ALL else’!

Call Raymond on 082 600 5236 for more information and quotation to chill out your family, patrons and/or guests.

WarningWater Spaniels don’t like our systems as they cannot be drenched!

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