Polar Africa’s Response to COVID-19 Threat.

Polar Africa first of all wish to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients and their families the very best during these trying and challenging times.

We of course also include management and staff members and their loved ones many of whom we have come to know so well over the past 12 years of our existence.

Polar Africa’s business premise is based on underpinning and enhancing existing HACCP cold chain protocols and to that end the company is well steeped in rendering a safe and hygienic service at every client’s premises.

Furthermore one of the founder members of the company has extensive experience in public health and communicable diseases having served in such capacity at the highest level at local government level for over 21 years.

Notwithstanding the foregoing high standards Polar Africa personnel already practise we fully realize and readily accept  that we have to be even more vigilant in our daily interaction with our clients and their cold chains wherein we work.

To that end we are utilising a sanitizer which affords our hands 24 hour protection irrespective of how many times we still wash and sanitize with other sanitizers which means that cross-contamination between clients and any external environment is totally eliminated.

We will of course also fall in line with whatever sanitizing regime our clients require of our company’s personnel as well.

In conclusion Polar Africa fully endorses President Cyril Ramaphosa’s belief  “If we act together, if we act now, and if we act decisively, we will overcome” the COVOID-19 threat.

The Polar Africa Team.

Best Cold Chain Humidity Control Solutions Provider 2019 – South Africa (Lux Life International Award)