Polar Africa has for the past 12 years supplied supermarkets and butcheries with a 100% natural mineral humidity and bacteria control filter that pays for itself by:

  • underpinning HACCP/ISO cold chain protocols
  • stabilising the moisture levels (relative humidity) inside walk-in cold rooms to around 78% to 88% thereby reducing natural cold chain fresh produce & meat shrinkage
  • reducing hanging meat weight losses by between 0,5% up to 3%
  • increasing fresh produce (fruit, veg, pastry, cakes, fresh fish, dairy products, etc.) shelf-life in cold storage by between 3 and 5 days (on average)
  • constantly removing food spoilage gases as well airborne bacteria, fungi, moulds & yeasts (in fact any pathogen that is airborne) in walk-in cold rooms
  • ensuring the safety of workers (especially those who have respiratory ailments such as asthma) who are required to enter cold rooms during the course of their work
  • safeguarding perishables; fresh produce and hanging meat in cold storage against any unnecessary microbiological infection, which in turn protects your customers

Polar Africa North cc is registered with DTI as a Health and Medical Essential Service Provider and should you require any further information on our unique Sorbite Humidity & Bacterial Control Filter to protect your cold chain workers and customers, whist securing your bottom line via less food wastage, do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email requesting more information.

Also pay our web site a visit for further information.