Do you need to ensure that your workforce/office personnel/visitors/contractors do not unintentionally bring in unwanted pathogenic microorganisms onto your production floor/food manufacturing plant/food preparation zones/delivery bay/logistics bay/warehouse/reception area, etc, then look no further than Polar Africa’s anti-microbial sanitizing tunnel, which comprises the most efficient 70-bar misting pump (super silent @ 50db’s) in the market place; world-class 0,20 mm stainless steel misting nozzles that will not drip and/or clog; food-grade stainless steel tubing; branded aluminium superstructure: and EPA approved sanitizer – toxic to all forms of pathogenic microbes with a kill rate of 99% in less than 60 seconds but totally harmless to humans, animals and the environment (not alcohol based) with very high dilution rate (1:100) or you can make use of your own preferred sanitizing formula.

If you are interested a generic quotation can be made available for budget purposes with final quotation being concluded post site visit after establishing your specific health and safety/HACCP/ISO protocol requirements.