Fogging: Permanent versus casual

Installing a permanent indoor fogging system that intermittently dry fogs disinfectant into the atmosphere of a room or enclosed area, is a far more effective and efficient solution to pathogenic microorganism control than casual fogging.

A permanent fogging cum misting system ensures that the area is safe 24/7 provided a disinfectant is utilised that is 100% safe to use around humans. Not only is the air constantly aerosolised with disinfectant and cleared of pathogens, the hard surfaces in the area are also maintained in a safe and germ-free condition with the furthest corners (including cupboards) of the room being fogged on a regular basis.

Conversely casual fogging is only effective for a maximum of 24 to 48 hours post fogging depending on the efficacy of the disinfectant utilised.

Permanent fogging systems must however not ‘wet’ the air failing which the room/area would become drenched with disinfectant and defeat the purpose of the exercise.

A professional installed permanent fogging system requires the following attention to detail:

  • custom designed solution for each project
  • a 70-bar humidification pump
  • atomisers that produce less than 11-micron dry-fog droplets
  • atomiser placement
  • oscillating fans (fitted with misting ring) for large expanses
  • cyclic timer to control intermittent pause/pulse sessions
  • PLC option to control multiple rooms

Permanent fogging systems are perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Day care centres
  • Homes for the Aged
  • Pre-school/nursery schools
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Supermarkets
  • Butcheries
  • Convention halls
  • Wedding venues
  • Restaurants
  • Food manufacturing plants/kitchens
  • Shopping centres
  • Warehouses
  • Gyms
  • Ablution facilities and public toilets
  • Canteens
  • Open plan offices
  • Workshops
  • Reception areas