Hypochlorous Acid – simply (one of) the safest disinfectants on the Planet!

Anolyte hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is simply (one of) the planet’s most lethal biocides (200% to 300% more effective than bleach) and contains no alcohol and no harmful chemicals and is in fact so SAFE it can be consumed, not the greatest taste, but totally safe to drink as is!

Anolyte hypochlorous acid (HOCL) comes in a liquid form as it comprises ‘salt’ and ‘water’ which is passed through a patented electronic reactor which then produces not only one of the world’s most lethal sterilisation agents (99,9% kill rate of all pathogenic microorganisms including most viruses within 30 to 60 seconds) but also (possibly) the planet’s safest disinfectant.

More impressive is that this eco-friendly disinfectant (returns to Nature as salt and water); is non-toxic to humans; and is also produced by our own bodies in our white blood cells to ward off infections.

Doctors and dentists use it to treat open wounds and burns as well as in deep root canal treatment!

Our particular brand of HOCL is registered as a medicine with SAHPRA (the body that registers such products). It is also registered with SABS under SANS 1615 (disinfectant approval) and SANS 620 (approval as a disinfectant from the chlorine family of disinfectants) and we have SABS test results demonstrating that HOCL complies with SANS 1853 and 1828 (approval to use on food premises).

HOCL can be used as a hand sanitiser, surface disinfectant, on and near all food produce (fresh prepared and cooked) and can even be used in the presence of people. Ideally it should be ‘misted’ via an atomiser over hard surfaces once same had been cleaned with an effective degreaser/detergent and then left to air-dry for 30 seconds to kill of all pathogenic bacteria and most viruses (HOCL has been proven to kill off COVID-2 which is the same family line as COVID-19).

Furthermore, HOCL can also be misted in an aerolisation form at 50ppm and is compatible with all forms of foggers except thermal varieties but preferably ULV types.

Why make use of fogging services/companies using questionable deep-cleaning chemicals like QUATS and highly lethal chemicals whose safety data sheets contain long lists of health risks to humans as well as the environment (and which are only safe to use in the ABSENCE OF HUMANS) and which are only effective for 24 hours (at most) when you can do it yourself every day or have Polar Africa install a permanent intermittent HOCL fogging system on your food premises, school, hospital, restaurant, food factory production floor, etc. to make your space safe 24/7!

Go to www. https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/#anolyte for more definitive scientific research around HOCL  and if convinced (as you surely should be by now) go to https://polarafrica.co.za/hypochlorus-acid-hocl-request/ to place an order or request a quotation for bulk supplies.

Polar Africa promotes and distributes anolyte HOCL under the brand POLAR-LYTE™