Fogging: How Costly Contract Fogging Can Be Avoided

Contract or causal fogging is expensive whilst99,9% of all effective disinfectants will not give you more than 24 hours protection!

Polar Africa can offer two viable money-saving fogging options

Polar Africa can offer two viable money-saving options to consider instead of monthly (even weekly) fogging by private fogging contractors:

Install a permanent Polar Africa disinfectant fogging system which attracts a once-off capital investment that will give 24/7 protection – every corner of the premises will be reached 24 hours a day with a 100% human safe disinfectant – go to


If foregoing is not affordable then Polar Africa can supply one the world’s best ULV fogging machines which is very easy to use and let a staff member fog after hours and each morning before opening for ½ hour at most (only wearing a normal face mask) and save R 10, 000’s in costs – when used with our disinfectant (hypochlorous acid – HOCl) the person fogging and the persons standing around will be absolutely safe – 100% guaranteed by Polar Africa! 

Fogging solution 100% guaranteed by Polar Africa!