Evaporative Cooling Solutions

Polar Africa has developed during the pandemic the technical expertise and wherewithal to incorporate both disinfectant (to combat presence of pathogenic microorganisms – both airborne and surface bound) as well as flying insect repellent measure into its existing evaporative cooling systems.

Upmarket open terraces and patios (and even indoors subject to air exchange measure being put in place) can not only be made pleasant during hot humid days/evenings, they can also be made safe and flying insect free.

Polar Africa is available to work closely with architects and interior designers/decorators to produce classic complementary (pre- and post-) finishes in the form and shape of misting (including disinfectant and flying insect) hardware solutions that complement and enhance the chill factor (literally) that the foregoing professionals not only desire but demand on behalf of their clients.

Polar Africa is now in a position to transform its evaporative cooling solutions from chilling out people to protecting people in the form of a disinfectant curtain (using the same mechanism for both eventualities as and when required – virtually at a whim and even more importantly, intermittently as well) switching from evaporative cooling to disinfectant fogging.

The secret lies in being able to take a single system and make it a multi-functional technology and as importantly to utilise a disinfectant that will not harm patrons, family and friends whilst they are present during fogging sessions!