Domestic Misting Systems

Polar Africa offers the home DIY enthusiast a quality-ladened misting system manufactured in Italy.

The misting system comes complete with:

  • 70-bar pump with 2-year warranty
    • with digital cyclic timer
    • low noise 58db’s
    • anti-vibrating feet
  • 25 x 5mm nylon tubing (coil)
  • 10 x straight nylon tubing – spaces between nozzles
  • 10 x stainless steel couplings
  • 10 x 0,15mm anti-drip nozzles; and
  • 20 x tubing clamps

As this misting system is NOT SUITABLE for restaurants (because of low flow rate 0,5 to 0,9l/m) the pump warranty will not apply outside of domestic use.

The misting system is available at Polar Africa’s online shop