Mosquito Control Measures

Polar Africa has a range of unique mosquito control measures available on-line at  to zap these potentially dangerous and irksome flying blood sucking insects.

For inside your home/hotel room/class room/office/caravan – simply plug the Mosquito Defender into your wall plug, add a patented lure – and you will have a flying circus-free night ahead of you!

For your restaurant/home/hotel/lodge patio and/or veranda – simply plug in the Mosquito Eliminator in your wall plug, add the patented lure – and have your patrons and family sip away the night on their favourite tipple without having to slap themselves half-silly around their heads every few seconds!

To wipe out an entire colony of mosquitoes (over time) on your property simply install our Mosquito ‘Motel’ – what crazy talk is that?

The Mosquito Preventer encourages female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in a ‘safe environment’ whereafter a unique family planning technology kicks in and washes away the offspring before they hatch!

So …  if you want to have a safe and insect flying free environment inside and/or outside then look no further than Polar Africa to control/eliminate unwelcome mosquitoes.