Supermarket Night Blinds

Eskom has announced a ‘shocking’ (excuse the pun) increase of +15% on our electricity bills come 1 April 2021 (and no April fool’s joke either).

If you are in the supermarket sector of the economy you will realise that another increase in running costs eats into your bottom line!

One solution is to consider, assuming that you do not have all of your refrigerator display cases and /or cabinet freezers fitted with night blinds (or what you have is worn and not in use), installing night blinds.

But quality night blinds that will give you years of service and pay for themselves is what the prudent business person should be looking at right now.

Polar Africa has demonstrated world-wide and here in RSA that up to 15% of your total monthly electricity bill could be saved by having our night blinds installed on ALL of your uprights, LMD’s and freezer cabinets