HVAC Systems – First line of defence against COVID

As we begin to shed some of the more onerous regulatory shackles that COVID brought about making life more bearable in terms of where we can go; how long we can stay; who we can see and meet; the point will soon come, when corporate South Africa will need to coax staff members back into their offices and work spaces; hotels will need tourists to boost their flailing balance sheets;  shopping centres will have to deal with an increasingly more cautious and disease-savvy shopper who has turned to on-line shopping; along with other sectors of the economy facing similar challenges.

And whilst we welcome a return to near spatial normality we have to bear in mind that the threat of a third COVID wave in RSA is apparently on the horizon as well as the fact that annual, or if we lucky – biennial pandemics could be our new way of life into the distant future.

Staff, tourists, shoppers and similar drifting souls, need assurances that the buildings that they frequent, work, play, live in (temporarily whilst doing tourist things) have gone the extra mile to make their respective places as safe as possible against the air transmission infection that the current and future viruses bring to such places.

So where is this discussion going ……. ?

The one common denominator all high-rise/density  buildings have is that the air inside is usually supplied by an air ventilation system given the size and extent of the floor area, and more when multiple levels, which prohibits cross ventilation and breezes from naturally ventilating the building. The same air is re-circulated all day and all night long by the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system/s (HVAC).

It would therefore make perfect sense (health-wise and economically) to make HVAC systems the first line of defence against viral, seasonal influenza, pollen allergy, pandemics, etc. by way of having the air in the ducting of the HVAC’s continuously ‘sterilised and decontaminated’ resulting in odour and disease-free air being recirculated within occupied buildings.

And the best most practical solution to achieve the foregoing goal is none other than …. ?

Installing ultraviolet (UV) technology inside the ducting of HVAC systems that will do the job 24/7 whilst the system is in working mode.

The UV lamps will ensure that the pathogenic-laded air passing over them is decontaminated making the exit air entering the building crisp, fresh, odourless and free from COVID-2, influenza, pollen, spores, yeasts and moulds.

For further information go to https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/#.YD1GoJMza8o