HVAC – Air Disinfection Technology

Polar Africa is proud to announce that the company has secured the distribution rights to Sanuvox’s range of UV solutions for COVID-19.

Sanuvox is the global leader when it comes to innovative ultraviolet technologies/products for air disinfection.

One of the huge benefits of their technology is that the recirculating air stream moving through the ducting of HVAC (air-conditioning systems) systems of corporate offices, hotels, convention centres, shopping centres, airports, etc. can be decontaminated 24/7, ridding the air flowing over the UV lamps, of COVID-2 virus, pollen, influenzas A and B, moulds, yeasts and even spores!

Increase productivity levels and decrease absenteeism in the working environment by ending the ‘sick building syndrome cycle’ that HVAC’s are known for around the world.

Make you working/living/playing space safe 24/7 for your staff/customers/guests/visitors/shoppers with the latest UV technology out of Canada.

For further information please pay the following Polar Africa web pages a visit:

  1. https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/#1
  2. https://polarafrica.co.za/product-category/sanuvox/#.YEXmMLQza8o
  3. And where no HVAC system then air disinfection units can be installed to rid air of all pathogenic microorganisms.