Frail Care Centres – COVID-19 Solutions

Frail care centres and their elderly residents/patients are at huge risk given their exposure iro age; failing health; reduced resistance to super bug-type infections; increasingly virulent allergies; seasonal influenza strains (becoming more resistant to medical interventions); not to speak of the dreaded COVID-19 menace.

Loved ones not only panic at the thought (and fact) that such centres have become a ‘potentially dangerous’ place to live in, they actually furtively seek out additional measures to protect their elderly folk.

There are two areas in any frail care centre that can be made COVID-safe relatively easy, viz.

  1. contact surfaces such as walls, tables, floors chairs, beds, side tables, examination tables, etc can be safely and effectively disinfected with hypochlorous acid (HOCl) – the centre can dry fog mist HOCl every morning and evening with a portable ULV fogger (even in the presence of residents) with the person doing the misting only wearing only a 3-ply face mask – no HAZMAT suit, no GAS MASK (those are only for dangerous chemicals that kill everything in their path) – residents can mist their own quarters with HOCl via a misting bottle
  2. internal air circulation, whether by ducted HVAC systems, air conditioning and/or open windows can be made 100% COVID-19 free by installing/plugging in ultraviolet air disinfection systems (permanent or portable) that will not only rid the air of all pathogenic microorganisms, it will also remove unwanted odours (if required)

Where will you find these solutions, simple … go to MEDICAL PRACTICE AIR DISINFECTION SOLUTIONS: (second presentation on page)