Wine Cellar Barrel Humidification First In RSA

Robert Rosenbach, owner of Tanagra Private Cellars (McGregor), recently installed a mini-industrial humidifier supplied by Polar Africa in his boutique wine barrel cellar

Polar Africa is both proud and pleased to report that its first wine barrel cellar humidifier installation has passed the following ‘tests’ with consummate ease in that it:

  1.  is an easy (almost) plug and play DIY installation requiring no technical expertise
  2. only requires a single phase connect; safe drinking water supply; and a drainage pipe
  3.  does not require any adiabatic nor PLC expertise to operate the system
  4.  does not ‘wet’ the air inside the cellar
  5.  has a built-in humidistat that automatically controls humidity levels at any desired %
  6.  utilises a patented high-speed spinning disk to nebulise water into droplets > 10µ
  7. comes in two sizes – a 1,0 litre ph (200m³) and a 6,5 litre ph (800m³) atomisation option
  8. dirt cheap to maintain – simply wash/clean air filter and rinse inlet and outlet solenoids
  9. has a self rinsing function to prevent legionella infection which arises via stagnant water

The next test will be the wine barrel ‘angel’s share’ reduction which Polar Africa looks forward to with confidence expecting it to be reduced by up to 50%!