Food Wastage Prevention – From Farm to Market and at Market

Much of the food wastage/spoilage that arises from farm to market (and the fresh produce market itself) can be prevented.

But to prevent fruit and vegetables from losing qualitative condition; weight; and commercial value, the following HACCP protocols must be rigorously applied:

  • must be stored at a minimum of 90% relative humidity in dry and cold storage
  • ethylene gas must be removed from cold chains/cargo holds where ethylene-sensitive fresh produce is being stored/transported
  • ambient temperature of at least 5ºC must be maintained at all times
  • rinse fresh produce with SAHPRA grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to keep produce safe from mould, aerobic bacterial, and yeast infection

Polar Africa has a range of industrial humidifiers; ethylene scrubbers and bulk supplies of SAHPRA grade HOCl available to substantially reduce fresh produce wastage/spoilage at the packhouse; transport between farm and market; and the market itself.