Ambulance Air Disinfection Unit Now Available

Protecting crew and patients in ambulances against SARS COVID-2 is now a reality thanks to a patented UV (ultraviolet) technology.

The Sanuvox Interceptor has specifically been designed to protect occupants against a host of airborne infections and contaminants during transit.

The Interceptor (440 x 280 x 120(h)mm) can be installed either below a seat or to the side panel of the ambulance.

A patented J-shaped UV lamp inside the 12volt unit destroys 99,9% of all airborne bacteria, viruses, yeasts, allergens, moulds that pass over the lamp.

Odours, VOC’s and chemical contaminants are also eliminated at the same time.

Sanuvox has been the global leader in UV air disinfection technology since 1995 and Polar Africa is an accredited distributor of their full UV product range for the SADC region.