Schools & COVID-19 – Make Your Space Safe with UV.

School governing bodies and principals are at the forefront of protecting scholars. More so when it comes to a pandemic that threatens their well-being if not very existence.

Parents and scholars expect a safe environment in which to study, gather and play. How do schools now (and well into the future) procure a safe haven for future generations?

The latest evidence produced by WHO, CDC, and research institutions proves that the current virus is primarily driven by airborne transmission.

The risk is hence “up in the air” (excuse the pun) and not on the ground (or rather surface contamination). So wearing a face mask is not an option but a given!

The only truly viable solution to ridding the SARS COVID-2 virus (and all other airborne communicable pathogens, influenza, allergies) from the immediate air we breathe in, whether inside classrooms, offices, shopping centres, etc is to have the air disinfected.

The only proven technology that can disinfect the air 24/7 at a kill rate of 99,9% within seconds to mere minutes (depending on the type of infection) is ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Sanuvox has been the global leader in air disinfection since 1995. It is also the only UV company in the world that has had a mention in the most prestigious of medical publications, viz. Lancet Journal.

UV air disinfection units are now available in South Africa, from HVAC (air handling) ducting installations through to stand-alone ceiling and wall mount units, which will rid the air of ALL airborne threats whilst the classrooms are occupied.

Protect your scholars, teachers, and administrative & academic staff by investing in a technology that will have health-related benefits long after the current pandemic has passed.

Contact Polar Africa, the accredited distributor for Sanuvox’s UV custom-designed air disinfection solutions in the SADC region, for an immediate solution to make your school COVID-19 safe!