Wine Barrel Cellar Humidification – Part 2

Robert Rosenbach, the owner of Tanagra Private Cellar (McGregor),  installed an industrial humidifier in his boutique wine barrel cellar, a few months ago.

Robert not only installed the ‘plug and play’ unit himself he has also reported that he is very satisfied with the humidifier. It does not wet the air and maintains relative humidity at the desired level he prefers.

Robert is looking forward to the wine barrel evaporative loss savings as a result of his humidity control intervention.

Polar Africa  has two humidifiers (which are manufactured in Italy) sizes available:

  • the unit in the video which is a 1,5l per hour unit (covers 60 up to 200 cubic meters)
  • a 6,5l per hour unit for larger cellars (800 cubic meters)
  • for much larger cellars multiple 6,5l units will be required
  • both units come complete with a humidistat and humidifier probe to maintain the desired humidity percentage 24/7