Industrial Humdifier – RSA Supplier

Polar Africa has a range of humidification solutions that can make a huge positive impact on the bottom line of businesses in a number of sectors of the economy.

Humidity control solutions are available for:

  • the agricultural sector (packhouses);
  • fresh produce markets (cold storage);
  • wholesale fruit & veg dealers (cold storage);
  • printing room operations (eliminating static electricity);
  • cannabis growing rooms (controlling RH)
  • wine estate wine barrel cellars (reducing annual wine barrel evaporative losses by 50% plus);
  • tobacco sheds (preventing dehydration);
  • HACCP protocols; and much, much more ….

Polar Africa’s solutions are also:

  1. Robust – requiring minimal maintenance (which can be undertaken inhouse)
  2. Cost-effective – value for money with high ROI returns
  3. DIY installations
  4. Warranties – backed up by Italian companies who have been in business for more than 30 years
  5. No adibiatic expertise required to maintain systems

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