Misting Components – RSA Professional Installer Supplier

Polar Africa offers the professional misting installer sector a range of misting components that originate from the world’s leading manufacturers of such components – in fact, the best in each category.

Polar Africa offers a state-of-the-art 70-bar misting pump with:

  • lowest noise (50db’s )
  • least rpm (900 rpm)
  • miserly water consumption (70% more water-efficient than traditional pumps)
  • 16-hour per day capability
  • maximum 7,7l per minute flow rate
  • minimum 0,5l per minute flow rate
  • 70 to 105 bar operating pressure
  • integrated digital display control box with 3 pre-set misting sessions available
  • custom misting settings are also an option
  • plug and play installation

Polar Africa’s nozzles (or atomizers) are manufactured to the highest specification by one of the world’s leading nozzle manufacturers with worldwide patents on their unique design/functionality. Easily disassembled to clean any blockage. They will not ‘wet’ the air, the floor, plated food, patrons, guests – not even the family dog (please note: Water Spaniels do not like our systems)!

Misting tubing options range from 953 mm seamless stainless steel tubing (matt finish or colour-coded options) to the industry-leading 3/8″ high-pressure nylon tubing option.

Go to the On-Line Shop at http://www.polarafrica.co.za and order your misting components in the full knowledge that you will not only find value for money but more importantly quality excellence.

Our service is not bad either only need to ask our many satisfied clients!