Evaporative Wine Loss Savings In Wine Barrel Cellars

Hannes Storm of Storm Wines recently installed a Polar Africa recommended industrial humidifier to maintain a steady humidity level.

In the space of a few weeks he achieved the following phenomenal wine evaporative loss savings:

Wine evaporative losses prior to installation:

Average free-air relative humidity    = 40% to 50%

Monthly top-up of barrels required  = 1,2l wine

Annual evaporative losses                 = 6,3%

Wine evaporative losses post installation:

Controlled relative humidity               = 80%

Monthly top-up of barrels required  = 0,6l wine

Annual evaporative losses                 = 3,1%

A massive annual reduction of 50% was achieved which meant that the return on investment was achieved virtually overnight.

For more information on Polar Africa’s industrial humidifiers go to http://www.polarafrica.co.za