Upmarket Home Evaporative Cooling – Reality Check.

What strikes one about 95% of all upmarket homes in South Africa is the absence of an evaporative cooling system on their patio/deck/swimming pool areas.

Why would that be?

More than likely the architects, owners and/or developers had a below-par experience with a previous patio misting system or three.

A professionally installed misting system will not only add value to the property it will also bring immense pleasure and joy to the occupants of the home. Imagine after a hard day’s night one can simply sit on the deck or patio and feel the cool breeze generated by the rotating fans (fitted with misting nozzles).

What should such a system comprise?

  • a minimum 70-bar quality imported misting pump (a typical garden tap only produces 2 bar and an irrigation pump 6 bar at best)
  • state of the art misting nozzles that do not drip during non-misting sessions (most irritating)
  • misting nozzles that do not ‘wet’ the air, floor, guests, plated food (more than irritating)
  • low noise pump, low water consumption, low rpm motor, low energy usage (low = best)
  • either a 3/8″ nylon high-pressure and/or 9,53mm stainless steel seamless tubing
  • oscillating fans fitted with misting rings make the perfect natural breeze
  • as an optional extra – a built-in thermostat to switch the pump on/off automatically
  • remote or smartphone control is another useful extra to have
  • aesthetically pleasing installation with hidden misting tubing (especially on new homes)
  • colour-coded stainless steel tubing to blend in with the existing architecture
  • indoors can also be cooled down but may require an exhaust fan to prevent condensation build-up
  • swimming pools can also be more fun with a rolling mist effect

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