Reducing Hanging Meat Weight Losses – Reality Check.

Fresh meat is big business in South Africa with every supermarket group going head to head with specialist independent butcheries.

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to cuts and different grades of meat on offer – from the upmarket A grade to the cheaper grades for poorer households.

But there is one thing common to all grades of meat (irrespective of quality) and that is:

  • all hanging meat loses weight – anything between 1% and 5% on average
  • hanging venison loses even more
  • all dry-aged meat shrinks and loses ‘tons’ of weight
  • all wet-aged meat purges blood and loses texture

The foregoing results in butcheries having to price in these “losses” and customers having to pay more.

Polar Africa has since 2008 been in the business of offering solutions to counter hanging meat weight losses in butcheries and meat cold rooms by 50% and more.

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