Extended Fresh Produce Cold Storage Shelf-Life Solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns wiped out, or at the very least severely affected, many food-related establishments with necessary but harsh measures to abate the spread of the virus.

Those restaurants and hotels that survived have now to limp on under a financial burden with half-full tables and far fewer patrons.

The current power outages have completed the triple-whammy no one in the food & grub sector needed!

Restauranteurs and hoteliers now face cold storage food losses as a result of frequent cold chain interruptions.

Polar Africa has since 2007 had a solution to extending the shelf-life of all perishables in cold storage (whether cold chains are in good working order or are experiencing frequent cold chain interruptions).

Sorbite humidity and bacteria filters maintain and extend the shelf-life of all food perishables (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables … even flowers) in cold storage well beyond the norm.

Even more good news is that during periods of cold chain interruptions the filters maintain the stored stock in perfect condition provided the cold room doors are kept shut.

Go to https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/#7 and begin to not only survive but grow your business with a solution ‘that costs you nothing”!

Polar Africa is the exclusive freshly-mined Sorbite mineral agent in the SADC region.