Commercial & Industrial Humidifiers

One of the more efficient and cost-effective ways to control humidity (RH) in bulk storage cold rooms, warehouses, laboratories, archives, printing rooms, wine barrel cellars, and the like, is to make use of humidifiers.

The days of pouring water on the floor to increase RH are long gone as such practice results in mould growth, listeria, unhygienic conditions arising, dampness, etc.

The size of the facility (l x b x h), type of product/goods in storage, controlled ambient temperature or free air circulation, whether ducted HVAC or not, location (above sea level) would be required to populate a software RH program that will determine the amount of water vapour per hour the project requires to achieve the desired RH.

Humidifiers like most sophisticated technologies have evolved over the years and continue to improve and contribute to improved humidity control.

Commercial and industrial humidifiers range from centrifugal, to adibiatic, to steam, to ultra sonic.

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