Food Cost Control: Part 1

Food and beverage professionals, as well as executive chefs, well know the importance of controlling food costs in the kitchen.

The yardstick to ensuring any business’s longevity is to maximize profits and minimize costs. More so in the hospitality sector. Even more so now with less “bums on seats”.

One of the areas often overlooked in minimizing costs is the importance of maintaining cold storage facilities in mint condition.  From the under-counter fridge in the hot kitchen to the walk-in cold room. Far too often this crucial storage facility is only ‘serviced’ when a breakdown occurs.

Whilst cold rooms are monitored in terms of ambient temperatures and duly logged on temperature charts on the cold room door, humidity control is either overlooked or not sufficiently appreciated.

Storing refrigerated food stocks at the correct temperature (usually between 2ºC and 5ºC) but at the incorrect humidity level is like throwing money away. Fresh produce, fresh meat, fresh fish cakes, pastry must be stored at between 88% and 90% to maintain maximum qualitative condition 24/7.

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